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If you have a multi-page "Acrobat" Form and want to automatically fill the form with data from your databases, optionally emailing/faxing it, PF-PrintMerge will do that job for you, without programming. To find out how, click here for details.

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For the reverse process, i.e., saving Acrobat form's data directly into databases, please continue reading the rest of this web page.

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Your Web Site's Online Form Problem
If your online form and its printed form's counterpart mailed to customers looks different, it is confusing. You then progress to use the universal and free Acrobat Reader to make your online form looks identical to your printed form. Your progress ends there because you now cannot save the Acrobat form's data directly into your databases. You consider reverting to html forms, which you can save its data to database, however, you are back to your original problem - html form looks different from its printed form counterpart. You are now in a predicament. Html versus Acrobat pureForms.

Our Solution
We disband your affected html forms and re-make them in Acrobat format. We add non-printable buttons to your Acrobat forms that enable data to be saved directly into the database, giving you instant access to forms' data. No more re-entry of customers' mailed in Acrobat forms and their associated cost and entry errors. This work is part of our Consulting Services.

If we invited you via an email, we have included the URL address to your Acrobat form. Revisit your own form and then compare it with our Demo Form to see the difference.


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pureForms, inc. is one of the first company formed "in the dawn of this century" to serve the needs of all companies' paper reduction and their data management, specializing in Internet (Acrobat) forms, databases and web services. We are the only company that enables Acrobat forms to be fillable with their data saved directly into your/our secured databases. For form merging with database's data, we have PF-PrintMerge that does the job with no programming necessary.

We use mainstream database platforms to capture your forms' data. Enterprise-class databases used include Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix. Desktop-class databases used include Microsoft Access, Dbase, FoxPro, Paradox, Excel (xls), Outlook, GoldMine, Act!2000, xml, Text, Lotus-123, etc.  Data captured can either be via scanned in of hand-answered forms or/and electronically via keyboard filled in forms, within your company's network systems or via the Internet.  We marry advance forms technology with databases and the Internet to solve your forms and data management problems.  The forms look identical on screen, when printed or emailed.  We can setup your office's equipment, e.g., scanners, web servers, database servers and operating systems to capture forms' data. 

Click Contact Us to arrange for a presentation by our sales team or send us your questions or try our online Demo.  We will work with you to arrive at a suitable execution plan, with modest implementation cost.



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